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The Entrepreneurs' Brunch

An informal get-together for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. Come to build your network and explore entrepreneurial themes in a friendly, supportive environment.

  • Network with other current and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Join at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

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Entrepreneurship Workshops

Interactive and practical workshops to explore, research, test and refine your business idea. Available as either four two-hour sessions, or an extended two-day boot camp with support for developing your own business plan.

  • Understand key entrepreneurship concepts
  • Build transferable skills
  • Receive support in develop your own business plan (extended boot camp).

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Business Plan Retreat

Five days (and nights) of inspired work on your project in Mauritius! Come to focus on your idea or business, and research, plan and test a new product or service.

Great if you're:

  • Looking to discover Mauritius and its entrepreneurial scene
  • Wanting to devote a week to progressing with your business plan.

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We're not just for entrepreneurs...

Many of our events and workshops have an entrepreneurial theme, not because we think everyone should start a business, but because entrepreneurial skills are highly transferable, and therefore equally valuable for employees, freelancers, and students too. You don't need a business or an idea in mind to participate in our events or workshops—come to make connections, absorb knowledge, practice skills, and future-proof your career!