Organic learning experiences

If you've ever wondered why traditional training isn't delivering, our Organic Learning sessions are made for you.

We create powerful learning experiences which shift mindsets, uncover talents and best practices, and boost confidence through experience, sharing and reflection.

These are highly-engaging, transformative sessions, but don't just take our word for it—listen to how participants describe the experience.

Listen: participants describe the experience

"Like a tornado..." — click play to listen to feedback from participants who have experienced IMPACT sessions first-hand.

"The training was outstanding." "Something I won't forget easily." "Enriching personally and professionally."

— IMPACT session participants


Combine learning methods for maximum impact and integration

IMPACT Organic Training

IMPACT sessions

For large groups and immediate results

Captures attention and has immediate impact
Incorporates company values and uncovers existing talent
✓ Includes learning by doing, sharing and reflecting
Breaks down barriers and bonds teams
✓ Uses our Organic Learning methodology

Transformation Integrated Training

Integrated learning

For long-term culture shift

Integrated within day-to-day work
✓ Gives ownership of growth to learning champions
Effects ripple outward to entire organisation
✓ Establishes a strong culture of growth
✓ Uses our Organic Learning methodology


"Traditional training is no longer up to the job. Employees are driven by purpose and impact. Invest in them and use their strengths to transform your company—your growth depends on it."

— Joe Lodge, Engagement Manager & CEO


Mindset-focused for behaviour change

We develop a growth mindset, to lay foundations for long-lasting change.

  • Our training focuses on differentiating your team, looking at the way they approach their work; the way they deal with uncertainty and unfamiliar situations, and their ability to step into customer's shoes
  • Behaviour change doesn't come from theory. Our sessions use learning by doing to introduce and reinforce new ideas
  • We provide next steps based on in-session activities and can provide various forms of innovative and impactful ongoing training support.
 We begin with mindset.  Learn more →

We begin with mindset. Learn more →

Let's talk about your needs


We pride ourselves on listening to and responding to your business needs. Let's meet to discuss Organic Training at your organisation:

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"If every week we had a training like this, every employee in this company would be like family."

— IMPACT session participant