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Save time. Increase learning. Boost team spirit.

We create bespoke, experience-based training that specifically targets the pain-points of your business. Theory is important, but practice is essential: our practical exercises result in deep learning that sticks.


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Why DodoWorkPlay?

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Your training will tick all the boxes

We create bespoke training material and exercises to target specific pain points and business objectives.

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You'll see return on your investment

We focus on practical application of theory. Experience-based training allows for deep understanding and retention of knowledge, skills and behaviour.

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Your team will work and learn together

Every exercise we design promotes soft skills such as creativity, problem-solving, initiative-taking and effective collaboration.


Or read on to see how we helped THE FACE SHOP deliver impactful and dynamic training to their sales staff.


Case Study: THE FACE SHOP Mauritius

Mauritius' THE FACE SHOP franchise needed to combine product and sales training with a team get-together before opening their third store.

"The team was more relaxed, more motivated, innovative, and thinking out of the box"

DodoWorkPlay worked with the franchise's director to create and deliver a practical and innovative training engagement which bonded the team, delivered the required sales training, and exceeded expectations.

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The scenario

Shortly before opening their third store in Mauritius, the director of the THE FACE SHOP franchise wanted to deliver product and sales training to enhance customer service, boost complimentary sales / basket size and across the franchise. Their director had delivered previous training internally, but they sought to save time by calling upon DodoWorkPlay to design and deliver their training.

  We tailored exercises to promote cooperative learning

We tailored exercises to promote cooperative learning

"The time-saving was huge"

Usually, updating training material would take the director at least three days, not to mention the time to find, book and communicate with the venue. By working with DodoWorkPlay she was able to cut this time down to just two 90-minute meetings, allowing her to focus on preparing to open her third store.

  Sections were carefully balanced to manage energy levels

Sections were carefully balanced to manage energy levels

How we helped

Having met with the director to understand requirements and existing material DodoWorkPlay created a training day which integrated product training with exercises to strengthen soft-skills such as teamwork and communication.

  The variety kept interest levels high, even during full-day training

The variety kept interest levels high, even during full-day training

  Games helped participants remember what they'd learned

Games helped participants remember what they'd learned

The verdict

The director was happy to have given her team the best chance to engage with and remember their training, whilst saving her own valuable time. Afterwards she said "the biggest benefit is knowing that I can rely on you. And that the training is innovative, bringing something new, and out of the box".

    The outcome

    We delivered innovative training which augmented the product training with activities and games which kept the whole team engaged.

    • Varied activities kept interest levels high throughout the day. The director liked that they were "new, different" and "made [her staff] try, and make mistakes, and do it right the third time"
    • The director was able to observe and support her staff during delivery, and to "really feel how they were feeling themselves"
    • Employees were more relaxed, thanks to the external delivery and the neutral venue. The director reported that "the team was more relaxed, more motivated, innovative and thinking out of the box"
    • The director was "impressed by how DodoWorkPlay delivered my content in an innovative way after only two meetings. The time saving was huge". She was also impressed that "you were able to take ownership of the subject [skincare product sales] when it's not your field. Nobody could have noticed it wasn't your field"

    100% Satisfaction

    All participants rated the training as better than their expectations, with 63% giving the highest possible rating: "much better than I expected".

      Participant satisfaction was 100%

    Participant satisfaction was 100%


    Three steps to improved business outcomes:

    consulting design training mauritius

    1. We meet with you to understand your objectives and pain points

    bespoke training design mauritius

    2. We work with you to design a bespoke, targeted training experience

    success staff training mauritius

    3. You relax whilst we coordinate venue, catering and delivery.


    And the impact doesn't end there. We offer ongoing support to deliver lasting results against your metrics.


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