DodoWorkPlay on Tour: the Café

This post continues our mini-series as we take DodoWorkPlay on the road. See the Botanical Gardens

Café Müller

Nestled next to the main road between Pointe aux Canonniers and Grand Baie there's a small café serving drinks, sweet treats and, from what we've heard, delicious brunches. Given the murky weather today we decided to work there, at Café Müller, for the afternoon.


With a busy schedule we got straight to planning our tasks and filling up on sugar and caffeine. The cakes and drinks were excellent, and the place had a calm atmosphere with a beautiful courtyard garden (which sheltered at least one cat). The terrace meant that we were able to work under shelter but with plenty of natural light, even under an overcast sky. There was no usable WiFi (apparently the network upstairs isn't strong enough) so we used our mobile hot-spot which managed just 1.5 Mbps over 3G.

It might be different when the place is full but with just one other table occupied we had plenty of space and didn't feel pressured to leave or like we were being watched. We would have ordered another drink if we'd stayed for longer, but we hadn't taken into account the Saturday opening hours and were informed at 17:15 that the café would soon be closing. We'll certainly return though, given it's such a comfortable setting to get work done.

Our verdict

Connectivity: 2/5 (no WiFi and mediocre mobile reception)
Comfort and productivity: 4/5 (quiet with plenty of space but would likely be more difficult to work during busy periods)
Creativity and inspiration: 5/5 (peaceful atmosphere plus caffeine)
View: 3/5 (beautiful garden and charming style)

Overall: 4/5