DodoWorkPlay on Tour: the Beach

In this mini-series we take DodoWorkPlay on the road. We'll work on beaches, in cafés, in parks, gardens and on volcanic rocks, to find out whether it really is possible to work anywhere, and to explore the differences a work environment makes.

Bain Boeuf

Our day began in Bain Boeuf, a public beach in the north where we responded to emails, updated the website and worked on our responses for an interview in an African magazine. We used a mobile internet hot-spot, capable of 4G but receiving 3G on this particular beach. It was good enough for what we needed (cost for 1 GB data: Rs99 or £2).


We sat in the shade of a palm tree, scooting along the bench as the sun moved towards the west. It was surprisingly productive, and the shade made sure we weren't too hot. Our picnic was tricky without a bench, but the view was great and we got a fair amount of work done.

Our verdict

Connectivity: 3/5 (mobile internet good enough)
Comfort and productivity: 3/5 (bench comfortable but a table would have been useful)
Creativity and inspiration: 3/5 (inspirational lapping waves!)
View: 4/5 (sun, sea and sand. Doesn't get much better)
Overall: 3/5

We followed the beach with a drink in a café overlooking Pereybere beach where we did some reading. A good first day!


Destination suggestions? Want to join us? Get in touch!