About DodoWorkPlay

Our vision is to transform workplaces into work-play-ces that empower tomorrow's workforce to have greater impact, autonomy and satisfaction in their careers.

Our mission is to design and deliver the most efficient, comprehensive, engaging and impactful learning experiences of the modern age.

We are guided by our belief in work as a force for good.


The team

Joe Lodge

Joe Lodge
CEO, Communications & Process

Before co-founding DodoWorkPlay, Joe lived and worked in London, where he helped industry-leading FTSE 100 companies navigate change in business consulting roles at Fujitsu and HP. He co-founded presentation consultancy Conva in 2012 and interned at Newcastle University incubator Rise Up where he designed workshops, competitions and student outreach programmes.

Joe has a Masters of Science (with distinction) in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship and a Bachelors of Music, both from Newcastle University.

Coralie Marti

Coralie Marti
Product Design & Facilitation

Before DodoWorkPlay, Coralie spent four years conducting market research for startups and leading organisations in the digital, pharmaceutical, food and retail industries.

In her roles as Marketing and Communication Strategy Officer and Business Consultant Coralie provided reports and advice on market positioning, business models, advertising campaigns.

Coralie's experience also includes business planning for entrepreneurs. She has a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovative Projects from Paris Dauphine University.


Our guiding principles

  1. Work as a force for good — we believe that an individual’s work is their contribution to the world, and that work, as a craft, deserves time, care and dedication to excellence, no matter the discipline. We strive to embody this mindset of purpose-driven work in our own activities, and to promote it amongst those we serve.

  2. Collaboration — we value sharing, open dialogue, and mutual support. Our vision, mission, and our day-to-day activities are underpinned by a willingness and desire to work together with other market players. We aim to promote our vision and values in not just the actions of our company and our customers, but also in our competitors. Openness is our default mode of operation.

  3. Innovation — we seek to disrupt the status quo where it is detrimental to the wellbeing of individuals, organisations and society, and where it is not aligned with our vision for work as a force for good. We seek to be innovative in our services, our processes, and in our business model.

DodoWorkPlay principles work as force for good