We develop soft skills and intrapreneurial behaviour, to help people, teams and organisations reach their highest potential.


Training tailored to your exact needs

Unlock the potential of your team. We'll be with you every step of the way.

  • We work with you closely to build and refine objectives
  • Our collaborative approach means you see the training as it's developed
  • By focusing on your priorities (and not bringing a set agenda) we will deliver the most effective training possible for your team's needs.

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"The team was more relaxed, more motivated, innovative, and thinking out of the box"

— Director of THEFACESHOP Mauritius franchise

Techniques that engage, challenge and empower


Our training is interactive and immersive, involving and stretching everyone.

  • Interactive learning by doing sessions involve everyone throughout
  • Small groups with specific roles mean that everyone contributes
  • Combinations of activity types including simulations, role-play and competitions keep interest and engagement levels high.

Mindset-focused for behaviour change

We develop a growth mindset, to lay foundations for long-lasting change.

  • Our training focuses on differentiating your team, looking at the way they approach their work; the way they deal with uncertainty and unfamiliar situations, and their ability to step into customer's shoes
  • Behaviour change doesn't come from theory. Our sessions use learning by doing to introduce and reinforce new ideas
  • We provide next steps based on in-session activities and can provide various forms of innovative and impactful ongoing training support.
 We begin with mindset.  Learn more →

We begin with mindset. Learn more →

Our modern methods resonate well with modern, forward-thinking workforces:

"It was intense" "Fun and out of comfort zone, refreshing!"  "Thought provoking" "...very friendly, supportive in every situation"

— Training participants (management services, IT consulting and retail industries)

Insightful for everyone involved


As director or manager, you'll learn as much as everyone else

  • You'll see how your team thinks and performs in unfamiliar circumstances
  • We include activities which result in concrete, actionable outputs
  • We incorporate your expertise and guidance to position you as a mentor
  • Our follow-up report provides a summary of the key learnings, reactions, emerging themes and learning and development recommendations.

Let's talk about your needs

We pride ourselves on listening to and responding to your business needs. Use the tool below to arrange a short meeting and we'll come to you to discuss training at your organisation.

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