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All-inclusive retreats in Mauritius for experienced entrepreneurs


What is the retreat?

We designed our 11-day retreat from the ground up to help you escape your day-to-day, think strategically, and connect mind, body, and soul.


REFRESH Your Mind, Body & Soul

Your wellness is the foundation of meaningful and fulfilling work. Take a step back from your day-to-day and enjoy the space to think big-picture, and rediscover the meaning behind the work that you do.


Connect with experienced Peers

Join carefully selected companions, chosen for their complementary background and skills. Share your experience and build long-lasting connections with people from around the world who will help you grow.


Live an Authentic Adventure

Experience a tropical island adventure and immerse yourself in nature with our tailored programme of diving, sega dancing, instructor-led yoga and more. And meet our chef, who'll be cooking you healthy, varied, Mauritius-inspired meals.


Discover local opportunities

Connect with the local ecosystem and share your experience and skills through our uniquely integrated programme of social impact and grass-roots entrepreneurship in Mauritius.


What people have said

“Coralie and Joe from DodoWorkPlay were absolute stars! I arrived in Mauritius and they introduced me to inspirational entrepreneurs. Within days, I already had a network of fabulous, talented people in Mauritius, who made the stay in this insanely beautiful island even more idyllic. I am extremely excited about the project and cannot wait to be back!”

“More than a coworking experience, DodoWorkPlay provided me with a peaceful haven. I got work done in a beautiful villa in the sunniest part of Mauritius island, while doing activities that allowed me to breathe and laugh. I even gave yoga a go for the very first time! The people I met are now dear friends, and some in my life forever.”

“For me, someone who just started their new life as a digital nomad, the experience was a fantastic introduction into this lifestyle. I met fantastic people from all over the world, got inspired by their passion for business (and board games!), and I even got my work done. I couldn't have asked for a better start into my new adventure!”

Meli Tatar, manager, major market research company



2017 Dates

We are running two retreats this year, on the following dates:

5-15 August
14-28 October

We will shortly be refreshing our retreat information. In the meantime, if you'd like more details, please use the form below.

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