Redesigning the learning experience.

We help people and companies grow, through inspiring events, practical workshops, gamified training and immersive retreats. In short, we build innovative learning experiences.



Connect with current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Gain practical and transferable skills.

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Make your training more practical and interactive.

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Deep-dive into your business whilst discovering Mauritius.

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Learn by doing

There's a reason we put both work and play in our name—we believe in combining the two. Play is a natural state of learning: it's not focused on watching, reading, or listening, but on doing. Experience-based learning is the foundation of our workshops and training engagements.

work as a force for good

Prepare for the future

The world of work is changing—many of the jobs of the next 15-20 years don't exist yet, and for many of those positions that do, robots are on the way.

All our events and engagements are designed to promote transferable skills which can be applied to whichever career path you decide to pursue.


Focus on your goals

Work takes a huge part of our time, and we don’t always step back to question how we’re going about it—the spaces in which we work, the mindset we approach it with, the physical demands we make of our body.

At DodoWorkPlay, we view one’s work or craft as a contribution to the world: how we create value and positively impact people, organisations, and environments, and how we grow in return. We’re here to provide an environment that gives your craft the focus, the creativity, and the inspiration it deserves.

new world of work

Join a better world of work

We encourage you to join our community of entrepreneurs, change-makers, and everyone who shares our belief in work as a force for good.


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