Colive & Cowork in Mauritius

Bring mind, body and soul to your passion.



A creative and productive space, full of awesome people working on all sorts of projects.

• Fast internet
• Chillout areas
• Bright and spacious
• Beautiful surroundings
• Optional starter pack with 4G SIM


Canyoning, diving, surfing, kayaking, yoga, meditation, hikes and more.


Meet awesome people at socials, meetups and other events.


Comfortable and convenient on-site accommodation:

• En suite rooms or studios
• Fully-equipped kitchen included
• Healthy breakfast


Be more productive

Our coworking space is a fun and productive place to get your best work done. Explore productivity techniques, make the most of your comfortable desk space and chill out for renewed creativity in our relaxation areas.

Enjoy local tea or coffee and listen to your favourite playlist over our high-speed WiFi. Take video calls in conference booths, and book a meeting space for your team.

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Enjoy the island lifestyle

The DodoWorkPlay experience helps you practice your craft to the best of your ability by nurturing mind, body and soul.

Our wholesome approach to lifestyle includes instructor-led yoga sessions and regular meditation, as well as immersion in the beautiful natural surroundings and culture of Mauritius through sight-seeing and activities such as canyoning, snorkellingcultural visits and kayaking. You'll discover all that the island has to offer, thanks to our partner, Mauritius Conscious.

The experience will boost your mental and physical wellbeing, to promote better concentration, enhanced focus, increased alertness and productivity. You won't have to choose between the demands of work and listening to your body.

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Colive with us

Jump fully into the new style of work/life blend with our coliving option! Coliving offers a round-the-clock experience—perfect for integrating wellbeing into every aspect of life and bonding closely with other early adopters of this emerging global trend.

Delicious healthy breakfasts are included, and you can choose between twin, double, and en-suite rooms.

Already have somewhere to stay? No worries—we offer coworking passes too.

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Meet awesome people

You might have your own project, but you won't be working alone. In fact, you'll be surrounded by other people being productive, helping you focus. And when you're taking a break, you'll have the benefit of having a sounding board for your ideas as well as a group of potential clients and partners to talk to.

Our socialsnetworking events and group activities are designed to connect you with interesting people from across Mauritius and around the world. It's the opportunity you've been waiting for to build upon your international network and grow your business.

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Ready for a whole new work experience?



Looking for a team retreat?


Let us take care of your accommodation, workspace, workshops and activities.

  • Highly productive environment
  • Great for team building: bonding and motivation
  • Meeting facilities for brainstorming
  • Great as a reward for team performance

And don't worry about missing an opportunity whilst you're away: you'll always be able to stay connected with fast, fibre-optic internet.

Our retreats are tailored to your requirements, but all share a focus on wellbeing and maximising participants' creative output. After all, we do our best work when we combine work and play.

Activities and workshops are provided by our network of experienced facilitators to ensure that your desired outcomes are met.

Putting the 'treat' in retreats

Putting the 'treat' in retreats